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We Speak Church

AOF is  the leader for MEGA-churches,  with multi-site campuses in branded merch, swag, signage & much more.

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MEGA-Churches share the same challenges

Tight Budgets.

Limited Time frame.

Option Paralysis.

We are dedicated to providing the best value within your budget.

We are dedicated to make things happen no matter what the time frame.

We are dedicated to keeping up with the most current & effective trends.

The next generation of Church Branding

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With Anchor of Faith, churches are  continuing to be
Great Stewards of their resources, which include both time and money while focused on being Kingdom Builders.

Recent Work

We do the Heavy Lifting

This allows you to focus on other

responsibilities while we take

care of the rest

Our clients are Family


If you need help or to talk outside of

normal business hours, we will be there for you.

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We have a Strong Foundation

Whether you have a last minute request or

need us to pivot quickly, we will not

buckle under the pressure.


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"Top Tier Quality at

Competitive Prices!"

"Can literally handle any project!"

"What an Incredible Company!"

"Always willing to go

Above & Beyond!"

"They have great ideas &

we can always Count on Them!"

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